Adult link exchange made easy How it works?
1. register your Adult Website in your favored link exchange category
2. request link exchange / set link exchange
3. done
Live Stats: 21504 Adult Websites from 5413 registered Adult Webmasters with a total of 36772 Hardlink Exchanges

What is is a linkexchange website solely for Adult Websites.

How does it work?
It's pretty simple. Register for free at with your adult website. You can add more websites to your account after you have verified your account registration. Login into your account and browse the categories to request a linkexchange from any site you'd like to. Your linkexchange request will be emailed to the webmaster of the requested website by our system. In your account you can view the different states of your linkexchange requests.

What is your traffic like on
We only send a little traffic directly to your adult website.Your linkexchange partner will send traffic to your adult website. Please point this question to the webmaster of the adult website that you want to exchange hardlinks. You can easily contact any Adult Webmaster that you want to exchange hardlinks by using the "Private Message System" in your account. Use it e.g. for your linkexchange traffic questions.

How can I receive linkexchange requests only from selected categories?
Please configure your Linkexchange Request Filter for the appropriate categories.

Do I have to link back to
No, you don't have to link back to us for linkexchanges with other Adult Websites.
If you would like to spread the word please feel free to add this code to your
webmaster resource page.

I have registered a website but it disappeard in my account
Wonder why? Think about! We check every website personally that got listed in our adult linkexchange directory. Either your site is full of b**sh** or some other weird stuff is going on with it.
Please register only clean sites. We do not notify you when we bann your site from our system.

Send private message?
Please Do NOT spam other users with private messages e.g. promoting a worthless service
You can use the private message system to ask other adult webmaster for a link exchange setup before you modify your website but please do not send the same message over and over again.

Login Problem?
If you have problems with the login please try another browser instead of Internet Explorer 8.

Try it with Firefox or any other webbrowser.

How can I delete my url from
Send us an email with the url you want have to be deleted along with your username.

Can I contact you via ICQ?
Yes, you can. Rob ICQ 127-065-335

Do you have a blacklist?
Yes, we do have a blacklist. . Do you know a cheater? Please send us an email with the url that he is cheating on link exchanges.
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